Nagaraj Arabians Ideology


Detailed knowledge about the individual horses as well as their families provides the foundation for the breeding program at “Nagaraj Arabians” stud farm. Yet another important component is defined in the southern type of the Arabian horse – the “Nejdy”. With this as the basis, we pursue targeted development of the different families. This reflects our ideology.


Mares' family :

NK Hawa             :  Dahman Shahwan (El Dahma Family) / Bukra – Sabah                  

NK Noha              :  Hadban Enzahieh (Shahneekah Family) / Venus  / Lotfeia - Kamla


Stallions' family :

Al Wahed Al Nedj  :  Hadban Enzahieh (Shahneekah Family) / Venus  / Lotfeia - Kamla

NK Ezz El Dine       : Hadban Enzahieh  (Shahneekah Family) / Venus / Lotfeia - Kamla


The ultimate result of our breeding program is to preserve all of the desired traits throughout the population, with each individual family retaining its typical expressiveness.